European quality at the Ukrainian price!

Wear resistance and durability

Quality control. Each product undergoes rigorous quality control. Our furniture has proved its durability for years in the hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants of our customers.

Resistant to the environment. Thanks to special additives, the artificial rattan of our production is resistant to temperature changes, exposure to sunlight and the appearance of fungus and mold.

Warranty - 2 years! We are confident in the quality of our products, so we provide 2-year warranty for all products.

Ukrainian production

Own production. All furniture of our company is produced on the territory of Ukraine. We, also, independently manufacture a tape from a polymeric fiber.

Direct control at all stages. Own unique recipe developed by our laboratory experts and direct control over the production of rattan tape allows us to guarantee the quality of this material.

Exclusive orders. The independent manufacture of artificial rattan gives us the opportunity to carry out exclusive orders from rattan of such texture, color and width that are required by a particular client.

Individual approach to each client

Wide selection. Over 40 collections for various purposes and stylistic directions. Furniture for the garden and office, for the house and summer terrace. Eastern eclecticism or European minimalism, southern Provence or modern Loft - choose you.

Individual approach. Standard palette of 24 colors and the ability to create pieces of furniture on individual drawings gives space for flight of thought and fantasy. We are interested in complex projects and non-standard solutions, the search for which is the next step in the development of our company, in an effort to improve every day.

Own production of textile products and lighting equipment

Self-made textiles. Our own sewing industry allows us to provide a wide range of textile products and create a sense of completeness in the interior of your home or cafe, making seating for sofas and armchairs, decorative pillows, curtains and tablecloths in a single style and color Gamma.

Lighting Technology. PRADEX also manufactures lighting fixtures for various purposes, including specialized cafes / bars / restaurants. Thoughtful lighting not only creates an atmosphere, but also arouses the appetite of your visitors =)

Efficiency. We can put into action your most ambitious and bold plans in the shortest possible time.

Furniture made of artificial rattan

His furniture company PRADEX creates from artificial rattan of its own production, a secret formula that has been developed for many years. Such an integrated approach to the manufacture of wicker products is conditioned by the desire to offer the customer exceptionally high-quality products.

The artificial rattan from PRADEX is made from primary raw materials and, thanks to the special recipe of the polymer tape, does not deform under tension. It is resistant to changes in temperature, moisture and ultraviolet, fungal damage.

All the furniture from artificial rattan from PRADEX is played by hand, which allows to speak about the uniqueness of each of our products. And the existing warranty and post-guarantee programs make it possible to be sure that even in the event of a minor breakdown of the product, our masters will come to the rescue to eliminate it.